Contact Details

Telephone: 22-458270
Website: www.cymanagementservices.com


Firm Representative: Spyros Stylianou
Position: Executive Director
Email: ssmanagement@cytanet.com.cy
Email: info@cymanagementservices.com

Company Description

S&S Management Services Ltd is Approved Administrative Services Provider (ASP) of International Companies with License Number 33/196 and an Independent and highly Professional Tax Planning. Our Company was established in 2006 and it has its main office in Nicosia, Cyprus.

S&S Management Services Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services to International Business Clients, high net worth individuals, International and Local Taxation and business consulting and support to provide public business entities.

Our Aim & Philosophy is to provide our clients with effective and efficient solutions to complex business issues in a prompt and confidential manner. We offer full scale of corporate administration, maintenance, taxation, financial management and accounting, financial reporting and audit services and banking guidance services.