Contact Details

Telephone: 22-583000


Firm Representative: Pavlos Pavlou
Position: Director

Company Description

Crystal Cyprus Corporate & Finance Services Ltd is a member of the Crystal Worldwide Group which has over twenty years of experience in the field of international tax and asset planning as well as registering and operating companies. Our goal is to provide legal tax saving and asset protection opportunities for our clients by applying tailor-made international tax planning solutions. We believe that knowledge and expertise are inevitable conditions of success.

In order to provide our customers with the well-founded information needed to make the right decisions, our experienced colleagues give detailed information on the tax planning opportunities to be considered during face-to-face consultation sessions. Our array of colleagues from the Group’s various offices are fluent in the following languages: Greek, English, Hungarian, Russian, German, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Armenian, Japanese and Arabic. Crystal Worldwide Group has offices in Cyprus, Malta, Liechtenstein, Hungary, the Seychelles and Anguilla. We are also licenced to provide corporate services in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, the Seychelles and Anguilla. Our extensive network of branch offices and our close and established relationships with international law offices, counselling agencies and financial institutions enable us to provide the highest standards of services to our clients at competitive prices all over the world. Our clientele include private individuals, family enterprises as well as large multinational companies. Thanks to our high-quality services in this industry, we have managed to earn the respect and trust of our clients. Business issues of our clients are handled with the highest level of discretion and unrivalled professional standards.