CYFA Announcement #01/2023 – Declaration by Obliged Entities accompanying the application for access to the Beneficial Owner’s Register

CYFA would like to inform its members that the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property following the announcement dated 28/11/2022 with regards to the suspension of access to the Beneficial Owner Registry for the general public, has announced on 03/01/2023 that obliged entities must submit a relevant Declaration along with their application for the issuance of Beneficial Ownership information. It is noted that an application that is not accompanied by the relevant Declaration will not be accepted by the Department.

It is noted that each member is obliged to comply with the circulars/guidelines/announcements of the relevant authorities and regulators. Any information contained in this notification/announcement, or any other notifications/announcements or circulars should be assessed on its own merits.