CYFA #04/2022 – Announcement – CYFA holds meeting with CySec Officials

CYFA would like to inform its members that as part of the ongoing communication of the Association with the Industry Regulators, an online meeting between CYFA representatives and CySec Officials took place on the 7th February 2022. The main topic of discussion was the new RBSF report that is to be released later this year and in particular the key challenges that are faced by obliged entities in terms of the reporting requirements. It is noted that a similar meeting was held in May 2021, whereby the RBSF Report (version 4) was discussed, and a positive outcome was reached for the benefit of all the obliged entities.

CYFA would like to thank the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Officials of CySec for the immediate response and willingness to take into consideration the recommendations of the regulated entities. CYFA will keep all members updated of any further developments on the matter.