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“An inspiring private initiative has taken place in November of 2011 by some Fiduciary Service providers establishing a private association named “Cyprus Fiduciary Association”, with a primary target to apply some standards in the provision of such services in Cyprus.

CYFA has grown in size, stature, and professionalism since we joined 3 years ago. CYFA has brought a breath of fresh air and a new optimism in the provision of fiduciary services; and managed to promote the interest of its members and to develop a significant representation with regulatory authorities.

Being part of CYFA is invaluable as it offers wide range of opportunities to meet, learn, develop and improve in all aspects. Since the first official event, which was successfully carried in May 2012, CYFA organized a number of training courses focused on knowledge sharing and promoting best practices.

I would like also to thank the CYFA Board and staff for the excellent job they do in managing our association and events.”

Mr Christos Vassiliou Group Compliance & Money Laundering Reporting Officer A.J.K. Bureau of Consultants Ltd March 13, 2015

“The Cyprus Fiduciary Association (CYFA) is a well acclaimed organization providing support and guidance to its members all over Cyprus for client related issues. Here at Eurofast we consider personal improvement a key component of our firm’s overall success and the CYFA has undoubtedly provided numerous opportunities in this respect. Our firm has managed to further the professional development of our employees through attending several of the informative seminars organized by the CYFA. In addition, the training material provided at the seminars is a helpful and quick reference point for our employees. Furthermore, the events coordinated by the CYFA are a great networking opportunity for every professional in the field. They offer the chance of exchanging ideas over the current changes in the fiduciary services world. The events and seminars are indeed a valuable experience. Overall, it is of vital importance for professionals offering fiduciary services to rely on such a well respected organization for ongoing development.”

Mrs. Zoe Kokoni Director Eurofast Taxand Ltd April 3, 2015